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XForms Status Update

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Checked in

  • Implementation of index() function (bug 282777)

  • <input> as a checkbox now works like in other processors (bug 273428)

  • Security fix to guard against http-redirect attacks for external instances (bug 283006)

  • Fixed an old problem with the XPath scanner (bug 277929). The code will ultimately go away, but nice to get rid of the bug still.

  • Fixed default type for schema handling (bug 283376)

  • Centered <message> (bug 283240)

  • Fixed problems with schema-support and calculated fields — the bug Anne mentions in his blog (bug 284101, also fixes bug 280820)

  • Made some MDG code more Mozilla-like (bug 278369)

Almost there

  • Add support for class attribute in XTF (bug 283366)

  • Implement <trigger> with @appearance=minimal (bug 283219)

  • Implement <select1> as a combobox (bug 281668)

Coming up

  • Fix the problem with the MDG not finding all dependencies (bug 278368)

  • <select> bugs (bug 279063, bug 278277)

  • Finish the XForms XPath extentions (bug 281987)

  • Fix misc. binding problems (bug 283737)

  • Move XPath dependency calculation to Transformiix (bug 265212)

Markdown and Smartypants

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Since I’ve installed Moveable Type for my blog, I’ve been searching for a smart way to do “formatting without doing HTML”, and now I’ve found it: Markdown. It lets me create entries in a wiki-like fashion. Highly recommendable.

On the same site I also found SmartyPants which converts dashes, quotes, ticks, etc. to the correct typographic entities. Just the tool for a nitpicker like me :)

XForms Status Update

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Checked in last week:
* <setindex> and repeat-index (#278209)
NB. <insert> and <delete> does not set the repeat-index properly (#282828), and repeat-index is an attribute not a pseudo-element (#271724).

* hasFeature(), so now it's possible to figure out that we are present :) (#279021)

* two issues regarding external instances, which now work much better (#279021, #282351)

* submission has improved. It now disables the submit button while submitting (#280312) and removes irrelevant data (#280264).

Coming up:
* one of the many <select> bugs (#278277, #281668, #279063, #282840)

* implementation of index() function (#282777)

* input checkbox behaviour (#273428)

* misc. internal fixes to the MDG (#278368, #278369)

* the XPath dependency calculation really needs to move to Transformiix (#265212)

* support for complex schemas, and other schema stuff

* figuring out why we still have problems with binding to external instance data in some cases

* and possibly we have a volunteer for looking into the UI rendering of some of the data types like date picker

I think the implementation is closing in on a "usable state". The biggest issue wrt. compatibility with other processors is styling. We need support for the pseudo-classes (#271720) and pseudo-elements (#271724). But it mostly needs to be solved outside our little "XForms extension pond" :)

Linuxforum and MC season

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In two weeks time, two interesting things occur.

First, there's the Linuxforum conference in Copenhagen (it's in Danish, but the program is hiding under Fredag and Lørdag -- Friday and Saturday). Among others, Jurgen Geck, Tristan Nitot, and John Hall will be there.

Second, the MC season in Denmark starts March 1st*. I'm sooo much looking forward to getting the bike out on the road again. The only problems is that right now it is around 0 degrees Celcius, and snowing.... :(

* For those of you that are fortunate enough to live in a "all-year-MC-season"-country and are not aware of it: In Denmark normal MC insurance does not cover from December 1st until March 1st, and for good reasons, it's mostly slippery wet, snowy or icy...

Playing with ld

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Robert O'Callahan has been looking into speeding up his Mozilla build process by profiling 'ld'. It looks very promising!

Coffee addiction pays off

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CNN reports that "Coffee may ward off liver cancer". Good news for coffee addicts like me :)

XForms and SVG

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Andrew Douglas has been looking at combining SVG and XForms. He has created a version of the calculator example using SVG. Here's a neat little screenshot:

The combination of SVG and XForms opens up for interesting projects I think: Doing live graphics inside forms, switching between editing (XForms) and viewing your data (SVG), using dynamic and graphical form aids, constructing or manipulating your instance data through SVG, etc. I'm looking forward to see what will be done in this area!

XForms Status Update

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Checked in last week:
* <insert> and <delete> (#278211)
* fixed node binding context for controls (#280017)
Pretty essential issues.

This week will most likely include work on:
* support for pseudo-classes like :enabled, :disabled, :read-only, etc. (#271720)
* fix the last issue with :repeat-index/<setindex> (#278209)
* support for hasFeature() (#279057)
* issues with itemset (#278277)

One major issue is a problem with the asynchroneus loading of the external instances. Let's see if we'll get to that this week too.

XForms Buddy 0.2

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I've updated XForms Buddy. The actions now work, there's a context menu, etc.

Xen, now in German?

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Jacob from my old department/work at the University, has been working on and talking about Xen for some time. It looks really good and promising, although I haven't really had the time to play around with it myself. And now it seems like Xen is moving into SUSE too. Cool, I'm looking forward to SUSE 9.3, where it could be included.

XForms Buddy

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I've created a Firefox/Mozilla extension with the most cheesy name I could find: "XForms Buddy" :)

It's my first JavaScript/XUL work, so it's a hack, it's ugly, etc. etc. Nevertheless it works, and adds a nice little icon to the status bar. Clicking it opens a window that allows you to chose an XForms model and instance to show live data from. Download it here.

I've also create a nice little bookmarklet that does more or less the same, which can be found at the same place.

I'll create a right-click context item, and some more goodies later on.

Optimizing ADSL

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Attended the (Master's) thesis defense of a friend of mine yesterday. He has written about prioritizing and optimizing TCP-traffic over asymmetic connections (ADSL). He has a done a cool and thorough job, and made it work in practice. I'm looking forward to use it in practise on the server here at home, which is using a prioritizing hack for the moment.

Ladykillers and javascript

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Saw The Ladykillers yesterday. Hmmm, not the best Coen brothers movie around. It was ok, had its moments, but not the magic of f.x. O Brother, Where Art Thou and The Big Lebowski, which are true classics.

I also coded some Javascript and some XUL (more about that later). Olli pointed out a lisp interpreter written in Javascript. Cool.

First Mozilla XForms Beta

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The Mozilla XForms beta is out (Mozilla.org, MozillaZine). Beta is not my view of it, though, alpha would be more suited. Nevertheless it shows where we are right now and where we are heading.

If you want to test it, you'll need a CVS-version of Firefox or Mozilla, as we depend on XTF support which is not in the current release-versions. The official beta, instructions, release notes, etc. can be found on the project page. For the ones running a proper Linux distro :), the kind SUSE people have included XTF and XForms in their nightly builds of Mozilla. Firefox nightlies are on the way too.

The biggest issues in the "beta" are:
* external instances and schemas are not working correctly (#279021).
* our intialization is not exactly as it should be (#275213).
* we still need some of the XPath functions (#265460, #278209).
* tags like <insert> and <delete> are missing (#278211).
* CSS styling is a hack, we do not have the pseudo-attributes and -classes (#271720, #271724).

We've also still got a lot of bughunting to do -- 43 bugs at the time of writing, plus the bugs only marked in code ... or in each team member's head :)

Follow the crowd

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Everybody else seems to have a blog, so why not me. It will probably be rather work-oriented (XForms that is).

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