Spring has arrived

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Spring has arrived in Denmark. It’s around 10-12 degrees Celcius, and I’ve gotten my bike out again — it’s fantasic to have it on the street again, after the winter break! Biking is fun — I can only recommend it. It’s a bit more dangerous than riding a car, but I think it’s worth it.

Spring also means a bit of work in the summer house, which is fine. But this year I’ve gotten an uninvited guest in the house:


This little critter, a marten, is probably a nice little animal. The problem is that it has moved in on my attic and is destroying the insulation :( So I used a good deal of this Thursday to try to Marten-proof the house, and also set up a trap to try to catch it. First priority is to keep it out, but catching it would be an added bonus. One of my neighbours has chickens in his garden, so he also has quite an interest in catching the beast.

Hopefully I’ll have a blog post soon with the title “Marten — RIP”…


Jeff Walden said:

Hehe…I like your attitudes there, both on the biking and the marten (but especially the marten ;-) ). Personally, I can’t think of many things more exhilarating than riding a bike through a busy city (especially at night, provided you have the proper head and tail lights so you’re visible).

beaufour Author Profile Page said:

Are we talking about the same kind of bike Jeff? My bike is powered by fuel :)

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