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Easter has passed, and we back in business. To get an overview I’ve updated the XForms project page, so it includes an up to date status on the current code. It’s more green than I thought, so I’ve probably forgotten something :)

Checked in

  • outputing errors on the JavaScript console (bug 287714). We still need to fit the rest of the current errors to this too…

  • hints now look more like hints (bug 287272)

In Progress

  • <select> bugs (bug 281668, bug 279063, bug 278277)

  • Get types to work for attributes and stop modifying instance data with type information (bug 283004, bug 285597, bug 235512)

  • New UI architecture (bug on the way). I think the XTF+XBL idea is good, but we’ve run into some “issues” with it. Let’s see.


On a sidenote, there’s an interesting conference in May: X-Tech: XML, the Web and Beyond. There are a number of both XForms and Mozilla talks. I’ll be there, and so will bryner and possibly others from the XForms team.

And if you’re wondering where the status update for last Monday went, it was eaten by the Easter-monster :)


For some reason, the link to the XForms project page doesn’t work. Rest assured, I can find it by myself :), but it cost me a couple of clicks more.


The “XForms project page” link was broken. It should point to http://www.mozilla.org/projects/xforms/ .

beaufour Author Profile Page said:

Hmmm, I’m sure it was the marten who ate that missing ‘s’ in the URL :) Fixed now. Thanks for the comments about it.

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