XForms Status Update

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Checked In

  • We now write error messages to the JS console when we throw an XForms exception event (bug 289297)

  • Got rid of the ugly refresh-everything-always hack, so now we only refresh controls that need to be refreshed. This should seriously speed things up, but is also a potential form-breaker (bug 278368)

  • Optimized when we process the node bindings for our controls. Again, should also speed things up (bug 284469)

In Progress

  • Modify our error reporting so we can report fatal errors, etc and not only “messages” (bug 289518)

  • <select> bugs (bug 281668, bug 279063, bug 278277)

  • We’ve gotten a bit further in modifying the attribute handling (bug 235512), to make it possible to store properties on attributes (bug 285597), which will make it possible for us to attach types on attributes (bug 283004).

  • We’re exploring the possibility of using XBL as a way to create widgets for XForms (bug 289434). There’s still plenty of issues and unanswered questions, but the potential in it is huge.

  • We’re trying to get support for the pseudo classes like :read-only, :enabled, etc. (bug 271720)

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