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XForms Status Update

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Checked In

  • <hint> now behaves more like a tooltip (bug 296714)
  • Fixed four issues with <submission>:
    • Do not alter default namespace (bug 293951)
    • Allow partial instance data submission (bug 297097)
    • Allow file:// XForms to submit anywhere (bug 296231)
    • Submission was not working for non-default model (bug 297692)
  • Support xforms-next and xforms-previous events (bug 296114)
  • xforms-ready was fired before the controls actually were ready (bug 297137)
  • Support xsi:type set directly on instance data nodes (bug 293082)
  • Support src attribute on <label> (bug 291501)

In Progress

  • Custom widget support (bug 289434)
  • Fix xforms-model-construct-done processing, including lazy authoring (bug 294441)
  • Add preferences to allow whitelisting for submissions, etc. (bug 284519)
  • <output> not refreshing data updated by submission (bug 297808)
  • Fix problem with <itemset> and external instances (bug 293597)
  • Pseudoclasses are getting nearer (bug 271720)

A lot of these are stalling on me :( I hope to get through them before vacation.

Vacation Time

I’ll be on and off the next couple of weeks as I’m going on vacation. It’s not exactly planned, so I might be offline for a week and then back for a day or two in periods….

The newest release of the Novell XForms Explorer plugin for Internet Explorer includes limited support for <canvas> . Not just for use with XForms documents but (X)HTML documents in general.

XForms Status Update

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Action week :-) Deer Park alpha 1 was released, so we could get some stuff in for 1.8b3.

We’ve also gotten quite a number of crash reports with Deer Park alpha 1 and XForms (bug 296863). We’ve tried hard to recreate the crashes, but cannot. Our best bet is that people are using an xforms.xpi that is not for Deer Park. Please see my post about where to find the correct XPIs.

Checked in

  • The XBL+XTF patch is checked in (bug 291026), so we now have the foundation for the widgets (bug 289434)

  • We now support position() in our XPath expressions, or rather it returns something valid now :-) (bug 265460)

  • Minor fix for <upload> (bug 294894)

  • Rearrange things a bit so it’s possible to listen for xforms-model-construct (bug 293437)

  • Fix the xpi-file so the error messages are registred properly (bug 290812)

  • Fix for nested repeats (bug 296350), regression from bug 265460

  • Support type information on attribute nodes (bug 283004)

  • Fix general leak (bug 296713)

  • Fix parsing error in the XPath analyzer (bug 296812)

  • The pseudo classes got some progress indirectly since Boris Zbarsky created nsIContent::IntrinsicState() (bug 296309). Thanks Boris!

In Progress

  • Expose IntrinsicState() to XTF (bug 297061), to get pseudo class support working (bug 271720).

  • Olli is doing great work on the widgets (bug 289434), and I’m trying my best to find errors in it :-)

  • Support for the src attribute on <label> (bug 291501)


I joined the W3C XForms Working Group two weeks ago, so I will now be able to better coordinate the WG work with the Mozilla work.

Deer Park Alpha 1

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The first Firefox 1.1 alpha release is out: “Deer Park Alpha 1”. You can download it from the Firefox page. The XForms extension is also available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

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