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XForms Status Update

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Firefox 1.5 beta 1

If you haven’t noticed Firefox 1.5 beta 1 is out. We have information on our project page on where to get the XForms extension.

Checked In

  • Fix <select1> inside absolute <div>s (bug 308452)

  • Itemsets were not refreshed if bound nodeset changes (bug 303312)

  • Show labels before elements, but alerts/help/hint after (bug 308455)

  • Make instance elements work in documents without windows (bug 306678)

  • Set xpi extension versions (bug 305227)

  • Fix mediatype attribute for submission (it was mediaType) (bug 308439)

In Progress

  • Finishing <upload> (bug 275453)

  • Fixing repeat index on <insert> and <delete> (bug 282828)

  • Fix submission problems for files (bug 309546)

  • Revicse the scriptable interface for <model> (bug 307093)

  • Make it possible to open the JavaScript Console directly from the “XForms Error” dialog (bug 309246)

  • Possibly support setting the SOAPAction HTTP header, so we can use Web Services directly from XForms. Problem is that it’s not in the 1.0 spec. (bug 309442)

Update : Forgot the bug number for the SOAPAction bug. It’s bug 309442.

XForms Buddy 0.4.1

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XForms Buddy now installs and works for Firefox 1.5 beta 1.

I removed closing of XForms Buddy on document unload, as it did not work with Firefox 1.5, and I’m too lazy to figure out why.

XForms Buddy 0.4.1

US Trip update

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The trip started well, with delayed flights both out of Copenhagen and Chicago, and my luggage only getting as far as Chicago. Say joy! And now a very angry lady named Katrina has put a stop to my week of vacation in New Orleans. And to New Orleans and a lot of the south coast in general. It looks really really bad :(

So I’ve stayed in Austin, and have instead been working at the IBM offices there. But as two of my friends suggested. “You’re in Texas, go to a ranch!”. So I will :) Four days of “ranch vacation” coming up tomorrow. I think that’ll be great fun…. and incredible hot and humid for a Dane…

Next week I’ll try to get to Raleigh, NC for the XForms f2f meeting. But let’s see if the planes will have jet fuel at that time. The refineries and fuel lines at the south coast were also hit by the hurricane, so the major airports might run out of jet fuel next week.

Ok, there’s one plus until now (except for the friendly team at IBM of course :) ), which is the car Hertz gave me: a Ford Mustang 2005 — I love the new styling on the 2005 model! Only problem is that gas prices are going up at an incredible rate right now…

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