XForms Status Update

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Firefox 1.5 beta 1

If you haven’t noticed Firefox 1.5 beta 1 is out. We have information on our project page on where to get the XForms extension.

Checked In

  • Fix <select1> inside absolute <div>s (bug 308452)

  • Itemsets were not refreshed if bound nodeset changes (bug 303312)

  • Show labels before elements, but alerts/help/hint after (bug 308455)

  • Make instance elements work in documents without windows (bug 306678)

  • Set xpi extension versions (bug 305227)

  • Fix mediatype attribute for submission (it was mediaType) (bug 308439)

In Progress

  • Finishing <upload> (bug 275453)

  • Fixing repeat index on <insert> and <delete> (bug 282828)

  • Fix submission problems for files (bug 309546)

  • Revicse the scriptable interface for <model> (bug 307093)

  • Make it possible to open the JavaScript Console directly from the “XForms Error” dialog (bug 309246)

  • Possibly support setting the SOAPAction HTTP header, so we can use Web Services directly from XForms. Problem is that it’s not in the 1.0 spec. (bug 309442)

Update : Forgot the bug number for the SOAPAction bug. It’s bug 309442.

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