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This extension rocks!

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I just stumpled upon Extension Developer’s Extension, and it absolutely rocks! Live HTML and XUL edition, javascript shell, extension builder, and more. It’s a great little toolbox!

XForms Buddy 0.5.1

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As suggested I’ve added a load/save instance to the file menu too.

XForms Status Update

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Checked In

  • Nodes of type xsd:decimal in ]-1;1[ interval are invalid (bug 304968)

  • Schema Validation returns an error for empty values, which is wrong (bug 312231)

  • Handle changes to the src attribute of the <instance> element (bug 308986)

  • When we moved <hint>/<alert> for the other controls we forgot <output> (bug 308455)

  • Fix <submission> for empty nodesets (bug 292710)

  • Fix for repeat-index for nested repeats (bug 302918)

  • Inner repeats should initialize to startindex on update (bug 301998)

  • <select> did not initialize via bound node (bug 308689)

  • Error dialog should have “open javascript console” link (bug 309246)

  • Force instance data content-type to application/xml. This fixes responses from ASP.NET V2 web services (bug 308439)

  • Fix crash in <insert>/<delete> (bug 310840)

  • <label> bound to model doesn’t work for <choices> inside of <select> (bug 311019)

  • Fix string offset problem in XPath scanner (bug 311036)

  • “Application control models” and fixes to lazy instances (bug 305763)

  • Support SOAPAction header on <submission> (set xforms.enableExperimentalFeatures to enable) (bug 309442)

  • All pseudoclasses except :read-only/:read-write have made it through to Firefox 1.5 (bug 271720)

In Progress

  • Native XForms controls for XUL (bug 307627)

  • Fix repeat-index on insert/delete (bug 282828)

  • Render <repeat> as a table (no bug yet)

  • Support <copy> (bug 279063)

  • Extend model interface to enumerate over <instance> documents (bug 307093)

  • Revise the custom control interface (bug 306764)

  • Implement rest of <upload> (bug 275453)

  • Support :read-only and :read-write pseudoclasses. Possibly as :-moz-read-only and :-moz-read-write. I really hope this makes it in. (bug 302188)


Great thanks to Peter Nunn and Alexander Surkov who are both supplying good patches to us!

XForms Preview 2

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There you go! We’ve just released preview 2 of the XForms Extension. If you’ve been using preview 1 until now, this is a major step forward. We’ve covered a lot of ground, and it’s a pretty decent implementation of XForms 1.0 now. There are still bits and pieces missing, but we are getting close. Check the status page for feature status.

The extension works with Firefox 1.5 beta 2. Download instructions and release notes can be found on the project page.

XForms Buddy 0.5

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XForms Buddy 0.5 is out: I’ve added a load/save instance command (right click on the instance data).

XForms and Firefox 1.5 beta 2

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To get XForms working in Firefox 1.5 beta 2, you need a new XPI. Get it here.

XForms 1.0 Second Edition is now public as a Proposed Edited Recommendation.

There’s lots of “bug fixes” in this edition; clarifications, fixing annoyances, errors, etc. Most of it is already implemented in the Mozilla XForms extension.

XForms Status Update

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We’re getting ready for our second preview, which will be ready when Firefox 1.5 beta 2 comes out, which is quite soon. It’ll include almost all the fixes that have been made since our last preview, so there’s a lot of improvement!

There will be an official announcement, and then I’ll return with a status update here as well :)

Upgraded Movable Type

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I just upgraded to Movable Type v3.2. It seems to work, but please let me know if something’s broken.

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