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Happy New Year!

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I hope you all have a happy new year! CU in 2006.

got gnome? :)

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Speaking of Gnome I passed a store at the airport in Seattle with this in the window:

got gnome?


Kevin Yank from SitePoint did an XForms presentation at the OSDC conference in Australia.

Man, I hate jetlag

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It’s 3am and I’ve been trying to fall asleep for 4 hours now. I’m not feeling sleepy at all. A carpenter and a mason will be knocking at my door at 7:30am :( … I vote for “One World — One Time Zone” right now.

Mozilla Firefox Summit

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Today I’m flying home to Denmark again, after a week of “Firefox Summit” at the Mozilla HQ in Mountain View, CA. And it has been a really good week: I’ve met a lot of people in person that I have only met on IRC previously, and attended a lot of interesting presentations and talks. There has also been lots of “social events” and time to see San Francisco too. Truly a great idea to get everybody together. Kudos to the Mozilla folks, and thanks for the invitation! I’m looking forward to the new versions of all the Mozilla products; both seeing them done and helping them get done.

Only problem for the week has been the immense jetlag I get from 9 hours of time difference… my brain switches to zombie and sloooow mode. The west coast is just too far away from Denmark…

Photos from the week

Me update

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It’s been a quite crazy month this month… my productivity has suffered a lot. It has not been helped by travel activity either.

My job future is still uncertain, but I might have found a sponsor for a couple of months to hopefully get the XForms extension more stable. After that, I dunno yet. I’d like to continue hacking on Mozilla. One of the “problems” though is that I’m not willing to move from Denmark permanently. I like travelling, but my life is in Denmark.

I’ll be at the Mozilla HQ next week, and then I’m going to take a nice long Christmas break. So my Mozilla activity will probably be close to 0 for December. But then, if all turns out well, I will hack on XForms for a few months in the new year.

BTW. Thanks to everybody who reacted on my “lost my job” post. It was comforting, and also created quite a lot of possible job contacts.

Firefox 1.5 is out

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In case you’ve missed it, Firefox 1.5 is out. This means that you can now use XForms in the production version of Firefox! So start the download now, if you haven’t already! :)

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