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FOSDEM coming up

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I’ll be at Bruxelles attending FOSDEM 2006 this weekend. Looking forward to it!

Flickr Search in Firefox

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It seems like Flickr searching seems to be “in” for the moment :) Mark Birbeck has just announced a tutorial for how to create an XForm to search in Flickr. I modifed it to work in Firefox ( + official XForms extension 0.3):

screenshot of flickr search form

The XForm is here

XForms Status Update

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A brief update on the XForms extension. We recently moved quite a lot of patches to the 1.8.0 branch, to get ready for the next release (version 0.4), for Firefox — this should happen really soon. You can track what we need before the release in bug 326555.

We’ve also created a meta-bug for the next release (bug 326556). Feel free to comment/discuss on what you think the priorities should be on that bug. For the more long term issues, we also have a bug tracking our XForms 1.0 compliance: bug 326372.

For the last release, we have unfortunately had some problems. First, the Linux XPI that we released was not working. If you have problems, please use the one found here. Second, we have problems with addons.mozilla.org, which serves new versions of our XPI to current users. Aparently it does not handle that very well, and serves the Linux XPI to Windows and Mac users too :( (bug 325502).

In Spain

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I have arrived safe and sound in Gijón, gotten established in an appartment and at the office, and is getting back on the XForms track quickly. So for now everything is nice. Especially considering the change in weather. This is what I left in Denmark:

the weather in Copenhagen

And this is what I arrived at in Spain:

the weather in Gijón

Not too bad :)

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