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XForms Status Update

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Not a full-flexed status update, but I just wanted to say that we’ll be releasing v0.5 about the same time as Firefox hits the streets. So quite soon: Lot’s of fixes and approvements! Here is a list of bugs fixed since last release, and there are more to come yet.

I’ve also updated our pages on DevMo, and added a few more, including a troubleshooting page.

Have a nice weekend!

XForms Propaganda :)

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I’ve just read a really nice article on O’Reilly Net about XForms. Highly recommendable.

I’ve also just read that XForms is used in a European eGovernment project called eMayor.

I’ve also heard about a few projects here in Spain. It’s starting to spread, so maybe we should get that XForms extension done :)

IM account hijacking

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sigh I think somebody just hijacked by ICQ account :( That or there is something very rotten in the icq servers.

But then again, any service that does not send auth. information over SSL or equiv…. not good.

I would still like to get my account back though. Any suggestions?

Update: Aparently it was just the icq servers having serious problems. But I should still get away from non-SSL though. Google Talk and Jabber in general seems to be the solutions there.

XForms 1.0 Second Edition is now a W3C recommendation. Lots of “bug fixes” and improvements!

Some goodies are also available with it. Among others, the test suite has had a major makeover.

jst-review v2

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On WeirdAl’s request I added an upload facility to the jst-review page.

Why not cure a hangover with some JS code :)

I’ve created a patch for the DOM Inspector so it can show the states of XForms Controls. Should work on both trunk and branch


Update: I’ve added the functionality to show the XForms instance document, when you click on an xforms instance element.

Unfortunately you need to apply the patch and build your own DOM Inspector. Problem is that, as far as I can see, it is not possible to register external viewers. It would be a really nice feature for the DOM Inspector IMHO. I’ve filed bug 330251 for that.

With external viewers I could bundle it with the XForms Buddy or we could bundle it directly with the XForms Extension

Back in the W3C XForms WG

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I think that I have not broadcasted the fact, that I am back in the XForms Working Group. Well I am :) Representing Fundación CTIC (naturally).

So now I can, again, be bugged by spec. issues :)


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Of things that I did not expect to do a couple of months ago, this is pretty high on the list: Partying in Spain a Saturday night — wearing a Superman costume.

You never know what life treats you :-)

XForms version 0.4 is out!

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It really sets off a white belt

We’ve just released version 0.4 of our extension. Still a preview, but lots of improvements since 0.3. Some of them:

  • Upload is supported (except mediatype filtering)
  • Preliminary support for range for numbers
  • Inputs bound to date types are shown as calendar/date-pickers
  • Support of copy element
  • Hide disabled form controls per default (*:disabled { display: none; } )
  • Support DOMFocusIn / DOMFocusOut events
  • Support xforms-select and xforms-deselect
  • Support submissions using “mailto:”
  • Fix various errors in XPath parsing
  • Fix various XUL issues (work in progress)
  • Support more schema types

Download - Announcement message - Release Notes

Note: is still broken, and cannot really be trusted :( So unfortunately, automatic updating is not possible, you have to download the new version manually.

jst-revew "v2"

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My own version of the “JST Review Simulacrum” is still alive… it used to live on the Novell server, but it has now moved to the comfy HQ :)

Nothing much to brag about, just an ability to use attachment numbers and a GreaseMonkey script that adds (ugly) JST-icons on patches on bugs in

I had some more fixes on the Novell server, but they died with the server…


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This weekend I was at Fosdem 2006. It was, as always, good to meet some of the other Mozilla developers, and there was lots of interesting presentations in the Mozilla Room. I had a good weekend in Bruxelles. Of the non-Moz part of the conference, I cannot say much as I was hiding in the Moz room all the time :)

Thanks to MoFo for making it possible for me to attend! I took a few pictures of Bruxelles and the conference.

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