XForms version 0.4 is out!

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It really sets off a white belt

We’ve just released version 0.4 of our extension. Still a preview, but lots of improvements since 0.3. Some of them:

  • Upload is supported (except mediatype filtering)
  • Preliminary support for range for numbers
  • Inputs bound to date types are shown as calendar/date-pickers
  • Support of copy element
  • Hide disabled form controls per default (*:disabled { display: none; } )
  • Support DOMFocusIn / DOMFocusOut events
  • Support xforms-select and xforms-deselect
  • Support submissions using “mailto:”
  • Fix various errors in XPath parsing
  • Fix various XUL issues (work in progress)
  • Support more schema types

Download - Announcement message - Release Notes

Note: addons.mozilla.org is still broken, and cannot really be trusted :( So unfortunately, automatic updating is not possible, you have to download the new version manually.

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