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I will be giving a talk about Firefox and XForms May 10th in Oviedo, Spain. Feel free to show up!

I will probably talk about:

  • what is Firefox (history, status, etc.)
  • some of the (XML) technologies in Firefox 1.5 (and demo them)
  • future versions of Firefox
  • XForms

I have not totally decided on exactly how the percentages will be yet, but probably around 50% Firefox in general and 50% XForms.

The talk will be in English. Three months in Spain have not magically made be fluent in Spanish :)

XForms v0.5 is out!

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Taiwan is an island too

We’ve just released version 0.5 of our extension.

Download - Announcement - Release Notes

Major behaviour changes:

  • Modify repeat-index on insert and delete (bug 282828)
  • Let changes to context node of parent refresh children (bug 305060)
  • Make binds static (bug 307421)
  • Fix check for required nodes on submission (bug 326452 and bug 331961)
  • Fix rebuild() when using bind type=”” (bug 310138)

Other behaviour changes:

  • Fix size/position in binds (bug 327131)
  • Handle the size of the modeless and modal s in a better way (bug 328585)
  • Do not dispatch events on form load (bug 329633)
  • Fix .xf-repeat-item on load and refresh (bug 329885)
  • Expose a .getInstanceDoc() on instance element (bug 330252)
  • Schema-changes is only reflected on restart (bug 331328)
  • Stop processing on instance load error (bug 332218)
  • Expose switch-state to script (bug 332127)
  • Insert/Delete doesn’t work with non-default models (bug 324079)
  • Fix problem with xf:copy of element node (bug 328393)
  • Invalid bind/xpath doesn’t cause xforms-compute-error (bug 330579)
  • Multiple message dialogs (modal) don’t always show (bug 330671)
  • Fix default namespace serialization issue on submission (bug 329479)
  • XBLize action module elements (bug 312687)
  • Submission of large files using multipart-post doesn’t work (bug 315767)

Fix a few issues with output:

  • Fix problems with non-refreshing outputs (@value) (bug 293571)
  • Output with a value attribute sets wrong context for its children (bug 305196)
  • Output isn’t refreshed in some cases (bug 310276)

Enhanced schema support

The XML Schema support has been greatly enhanced, and we now validate instance documents against their schemas (bug 329136). More details can be found on wiki.mozilla.org.

General UI Refactoring and XUL Support:

Last, but least there has been a lot of work done in refactoring and fixing a lot of UI code. We now support the basic XForms controls inside a XUL document. The refactoring has also paved some of the way for direct SVG-support (which is yet to come).

Too many bugs to mention for this, but bug 327236 points to a lot of the work. The majority of the work has been done by Alexander Surkov (irc: surkov). Big thanks to him.


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Heh, I have to agree with Tristan. The Wheee FirefoxFlicks entry totally makes me laugh too! Good laugh.

“Edit many bugs at once” in Bugzilla is great, but does not allow you to modify the Status whiteboard field. Since I had to mass-remove a whiteboard “keyword” we’ve been using on bugs in XForms-land, I wrote a small perl-script to do just that. Others might find it usefull, so here it is: wb-remove

No guarantees given…

It is a wonderful tool to create bugspam at least :-)

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