XForms v0.6 is on the way

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I’m pretty much out of the XForms loop these days, but version 0.6 is (finally) on the way. Possibly without a Mac version though :(

There are some “challenges” in using addons.mozilla.org, so right now Linux users will get this message: “Mozilla XForms is not available for Linux”. That’s not true, and version 0.5 can still be downloaded for Linux and Mac.

Soon 0.6 should be available for Linux too, and we’ll post an official announcement, etc.

Updated: Due to quick action from #amo (thanks!), the above was only true or a short while, and there’s both a Linux and Windows version available from there. Announcement to follow soon.


Allan what is required to build the mac version of the extension ?

beaufour Author Profile Page said:

Nothing special. Just the normal Mozilla build requirement. The problem is/was that with the implementation of universal binaries, xforms was forgotten. You should be able to build xforms on mac the same way you build mozilla normally.

The good guys at IBM have supplied a mac XPI though, so you can find XPIs for it here too: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/824/

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