The Venice Project teasers

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Mozilla, SVG, etc. in action :)


Antoine Quint said:

I might be biased, but this is looking good!

Paul Rouget Author Profile Page said:

I’m curious… SVG is over a plugin Video ? VLC ? The plugin is embedded in a svg foreignobject tag ? Or do you use html layout with floating div ? How it works ?

So how long before the beta preview’s start flowing? I’ve got bandwidth to burn!

But seriously… that looks great, hope to try it out soon.

beaufour Author Profile Page said:

Robert: The beta is slowly trickling out as we speak

beaufour Author Profile Page said:

Paul: It’s not a plugin, we’ve implemented a special widget for this purpose, which can then be overlaid with whatever you want, svg, html, etc.

savi said:

Cool. Could you please invite me to the beta? I registered but I just cant wait to try it.

fusionrx said:

Any chance you are giving out Beta test invites to lucky folk who read your blog?? If so I’d love to try this amazing project out.

Keep up the good work!

beaufour Author Profile Page said:

fusionrx: I get too many of such requests. Sorry.

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