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As Robert writes, we do use massive amounts of open source at Joost. Mozilla/XULRunner is just a small part of it all.

With the latest release out, I hope I’ll have some time to blog a bit about how we use Mozilla and XULRunner, etc. I think I promised that quite some time ago, but time flies in this crazy adventure.


ibhotsauce said:

Finally, Joost is such a breath of fresh air, what role does Mozilla/XULrunner exactly play in the whole Joost adventure? and if possible, can you invite me as a new user to Joost? I need to experience this for myself. How soon till you guys go live!!!?

my email address is: ….

beaufour Author Profile Page said:

The client software you download to watch Joost is built on top of a slightly modified version of XULRunner. When we go live is not for me to say :)

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