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Ok, version 4 of Movable type it is. Drop down menus and what not … I really need that … or? :)

The upgrade was ok-ish. Once I figured out that I had to convert my old Berkeley DB to MySQL, it imported my blog fine. I might be thick, but “Berkeley DB is deprecated” does not mean “you have to convert your db before upgrading” in my world. Oh well :) Only problem was that I wanted to start from scratch and clear all my template hacking, and do a proper “beaufour” style. That took some tries. I ended up deleting all templates, and then “Refreshing them”. So far so good.

Then I had to figure out that the archives were apparently not created automatically, even though the index pages referred to them. You have to go in on each archive template and add a “mapping” to what you want to archive. I would say that refreshing the templates should create those mappings for you, when none exists.

But except from that, it seems to work for now. The style is all standard though, until I get around to recreate the style so it matches my homepage.

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