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Tokyo Flash watches

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Pretty funky watches, those Tokyo Flash

PicLens Firefox Extension

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Ok, PicLens must be the most “funky” extension I’ve ever tried for Firefox. It “enhances” web 2.0 picture sites like Google Image Search and Flickr with “Immersive Slideshows” as they call it.


It has to be tried, really.

Valentine's ...

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Soccer + Capoeira = crazy stuff

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Creative use of CSS

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Quite hacky, but nicely creative: Hiding an image in the selected text

Closing Time

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And my very close companion
gets me fumbling gets me laughing
she's a hundred but she's wearing
something tight

— Leonard Cohen: Closing Time

Using pkg-config in qmake

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I saw some random mentions of pkg-config support in qmake lying around on the ‘net, but of course found no documentation about it in Qt. (I even mailed their support dept. which said it did not exist :) ).

Nevertheless it does (at least in Qt 4.3.3). So for example to add the necessary magic to use Alsa, just do this:

CONFIG += link_pkgconfig

Kilimanjaro here I come

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Me and a fellow Jooster is going to Tanzania shortly, to climb Kilimanjaro and head for a safari afterwards. Walking 6km (~3.7m) up a mountain — that will be good fun I think! Although preparation-wise I could probably have done better:

  • I work at a startup … with too much work
  • I live in The Netherlands … substantial parts are below sea level
  • I am at my all time fattest

Well, Stephane is in the same condition, so we’ll suffer together :)

I’m having a bit of fun with Qt and qmake these days. Although qmake is nicely knitted together with all the Qt tools and gets you up and running quickly, it leaves a bit to be desired. Or maybe it is just the documentation which is lacking up quite a deal.

Anyhow I just figured out how to do add a make target for all SUBDIRS in a project file:

check.target = check
check.CONFIG = recursive

This makes a ‘check’ target in the current directory, which will run ‘make check’ in all SUBDIRS defined.

Yes, I am looking at unit tests :), so I might write more on that subject when I figure out some more about qmake.

Finally category RSS feeds

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Finally, three months after my upgrade to Movable Type 4, I now have category RSS feeds. I find it really odd that it is not a default option in the Movable Type installation… but there you go. I used these instructions.

The feed links are in the right hand side of the main page of my blog, so the Mozilla category feed can be found here.

This also means that I’ll request a change Planet Mozilla to only subscribe to the mozilla category, so I’ll spam the Planet less if I ever get around to some more regular blogging again. So subscribe to the main link if you want “all” my blog entries.

I also upgraded to Movable Type 4.1 while I was at it :)

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