Activity Stream, part 2

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Aha, with a clue from Toni_H I added an “elsewhere” page with my activity stream.

Just created an index template with this content, and linked it to a file.

<MTSetVar name="body_class" value="mt-main-index">
<MTSetVar name="main_template" value="1">
<MTSetVar name="main_index" value="1">
<MTSetVar name="sidebar" value="1">
<MTSetVarBlock name="title"><$MTBlogName encode_html="1"$></MTSetVarBlock>

<$MTInclude module="Header"$>
<mt:setvarblock name="today_date"><mt:Date format="%B %e">

<div class="action-stream hfeed">
    <mt:ActionStreams days="5">
            <h2 class="action-stream-header asset-name">
                <mt:setvarblock name="this_date"><mt:StreamActionDate format="%B%e">
                <mt:if name="$today_date" eq="$this_date">
                    <mt:var name="this_date">
            <ul class="action-stream-list">

        <li class="hentry service-icon service-<mt:var name="service_type">">
            <span class="entry-content"><mt:StreamAction smarty_pants="1"></span>
            <span class="published"><mt:StreamActionDate utc="1"

<$MTInclude module="Footer"$>


Toni Hambilton Author Profile Page said:

I notice your activity stream is getting way long with all the joost videos. There’s a way for you to clump them together as you can see on my site:

If you want to look at how I did it, the code for my template is here:

This tutorial ( helped me set it up.

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