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Steve pointed me at a Joost Movable type plugin. Of course I had to try it, and you can see the result in the right side of my blog, under “Activity Stream”. What I roughly did was:

1) Added the Action Stream plugin to my Movable type installation.

2) Copied the config.yaml from Toni_H under plugins/joost/

3) Added a joost image to mt static path/plugins/joost/images

4) Added this under mt static path/plugins/joost/css:

.service-joost {
  background-image: url(../images/joost.gif);

and put it in my styles.css as:

@import url(/mt41-static/plugins/joost/css/joost.css);

And voila :)

Update 21/10: Added a dedicated page


Hi Allan,

I posted the Joost plugin tonight and have slightly changed the config. It will only matter to you if you want to aggregate feeds on a full activity page. You’ll find instructions on Richard Benson’s blog for that. (

Your activity stream could do with a shift to the left. To do that, change the CSS for .action-stream-list padding-left:0px, and add padding:0 to .action-stream-list li. That should line it up properly and give you a wider stream.


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