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So now that Joost is embedded it’s time to exercise the API a bit more :)

So using the favorites call, it’s easy to get my favorites list and embed a random one of them in a page: See the result here.

You can directly copy’n’paste the code directly and change the user quite easily if you do not like my favorites :)

Updated 19/11: I added some comments and made the source a bit more readable.


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Had a brief look at Sprout. It’s a service that let’s you build Flash widgets using a pretty intuitive online Flash interface. Has loads of standard components like audio, video, text fields, slideshows, countdowns, etc. It also has components for web services like Twitter and Yahoo Maps.

It took me 1 minute to create this:

Impressive. Now we just need that Joost component :)

Friday laugh

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(video expired)

Joost running on Playstation 3

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With the Flash 9 update to the PlayStation 3 and Joost Embed, it’s perfectly possible to view Joost on the PlayStation 3:


Lots of kinks to to iron out before it’s a totally smooth experience, but we’ll get there I’m sure :)

Joost Embedded

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Yay! A feature I’ve been waiting for, for a long time, is now live: Joost embedded!

Here’s my normal test video:

(video expired)

You can find the embed code by clicking the embed button on any joost link page, i.e. like for the above. (or look at the source here :)

It’s version 1, so there are still some rough edges. Like that we really insist on having the above size. Bear with us. Expect things to improve shortly, and constantly :)

(do note that this is my personal blog … this is not “official Joost speak”)

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