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XForms Status Update

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I’m back for a short week :)

Checked In

  • The widget patch finally made it through. Great work from Andrew and Olli! This means that you can now create your own custom widgets for xforms controls (in f.x. SVG if you like).. There’s a link to an example on the bug, which is the best documentation until we get some documentation for it. (bug 289434)
  • <itemset> now works for external instances too (bug 293597)
  • You can now whitelist hosts so you can submit to other hosts than the form is loaded from. The preference is in the “Preferences” dialog under “Content” (bug 284519)
  • Fixed xforms-model-construct-done processing and support lazy authoring (bug 294441)
  • Doron’s giant schema patch finally made it through too. Cool! (bug 223097).
  • We now support the xforms schema datatypes (bug 278447)
  • We now support the includenamespaceprefixes attribute for <submission> (bug 268285)

In Progress

  • Fix regression from bug 283004, that causes controls not to be validated on load (bug 299032)
  • Fix regression from bug 294441, messed up (at least) <submission> (bug 299283)
  • Implement the rest of the XForms XPath extensions functions like seconds(), months(), etc. (bug 281987)
  • Fix problem with <submission> not replacing the proper nodeset (bug 297808)

Linuxforum and MC season

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In two weeks time, two interesting things occur.

First, there's the Linuxforum conference in Copenhagen (it's in Danish, but the program is hiding under Fredag and Lørdag -- Friday and Saturday). Among others, Jurgen Geck, Tristan Nitot, and John Hall will be there.

Second, the MC season in Denmark starts March 1st*. I'm sooo much looking forward to getting the bike out on the road again. The only problems is that right now it is around 0 degrees Celcius, and snowing.... :(

* For those of you that are fortunate enough to live in a "all-year-MC-season"-country and are not aware of it: In Denmark normal MC insurance does not cover from December 1st until March 1st, and for good reasons, it's mostly slippery wet, snowy or icy...

Playing with ld

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Robert O'Callahan has been looking into speeding up his Mozilla build process by profiling 'ld'. It looks very promising!

Xen, now in German?

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Jacob from my old department/work at the University, has been working on and talking about Xen for some time. It looks really good and promising, although I haven't really had the time to play around with it myself. And now it seems like Xen is moving into SUSE too. Cool, I'm looking forward to SUSE 9.3, where it could be included.

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