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Markdown and Smartypants

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Since I’ve installed Moveable Type for my blog, I’ve been searching for a smart way to do “formatting without doing HTML”, and now I’ve found it: Markdown. It lets me create entries in a wiki-like fashion. Highly recommendable.

On the same site I also found SmartyPants which converts dashes, quotes, ticks, etc. to the correct typographic entities. Just the tool for a nitpicker like me :)

Linuxforum and MC season

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In two weeks time, two interesting things occur.

First, there's the Linuxforum conference in Copenhagen (it's in Danish, but the program is hiding under Fredag and Lørdag -- Friday and Saturday). Among others, Jurgen Geck, Tristan Nitot, and John Hall will be there.

Second, the MC season in Denmark starts March 1st*. I'm sooo much looking forward to getting the bike out on the road again. The only problems is that right now it is around 0 degrees Celcius, and snowing.... :(

* For those of you that are fortunate enough to live in a "all-year-MC-season"-country and are not aware of it: In Denmark normal MC insurance does not cover from December 1st until March 1st, and for good reasons, it's mostly slippery wet, snowy or icy...

Coffee addiction pays off

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CNN reports that "Coffee may ward off liver cancer". Good news for coffee addicts like me :)

Optimizing ADSL

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Attended the (Master's) thesis defense of a friend of mine yesterday. He has written about prioritizing and optimizing TCP-traffic over asymmetic connections (ADSL). He has a done a cool and thorough job, and made it work in practice. I'm looking forward to use it in practise on the server here at home, which is using a prioritizing hack for the moment.

Ladykillers and javascript

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Saw The Ladykillers yesterday. Hmmm, not the best Coen brothers movie around. It was ok, had its moments, but not the magic of f.x. O Brother, Where Art Thou and The Big Lebowski, which are true classics.

I also coded some Javascript and some XUL (more about that later). Olli pointed out a lisp interpreter written in Javascript. Cool.

Follow the crowd

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Everybody else seems to have a blog, so why not me. It will probably be rather work-oriented (XForms that is).

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