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IM account hijacking

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sigh I think somebody just hijacked by ICQ account :( That or there is something very rotten in the icq servers.

But then again, any service that does not send auth. information over SSL or equiv…. not good.

I would still like to get my account back though. Any suggestions?

Update: Aparently it was just the icq servers having serious problems. But I should still get away from non-SSL though. Google Talk and Jabber in general seems to be the solutions there.


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Of things that I did not expect to do a couple of months ago, this is pretty high on the list: Partying in Spain a Saturday night — wearing a Superman costume.

You never know what life treats you :-)


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This weekend I was at Fosdem 2006. It was, as always, good to meet some of the other Mozilla developers, and there was lots of interesting presentations in the Mozilla Room. I had a good weekend in Bruxelles. Of the non-Moz part of the conference, I cannot say much as I was hiding in the Moz room all the time :)

Thanks to MoFo for making it possible for me to attend! I took a few pictures of Bruxelles and the conference.

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