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Finally I can tell a bit more about what I’ve actually been doing the last couple of months since leaving Spain, and of all places, moved to The Netherlands. The project I am working on is called: The Venice Project which is now a little less stealthy :-) So we can actually tell a bit about what we do.

Basically we are trying to revolutionize how you watch TV. You should be able to watch tv where and when you want to, and see TV that actually interests you. This includes using/extending the features you already know from “Web 2.0”, f.x. creating and using community-based information — sounds a bit like marketing mumbo jumbo, but it just my poor way of describing something which you have to see for yourself, and which is still in the making :-) The project is started by guys with a background in Skype who have tried doing these forms of “disruptive things” before, including Janus and Niklas.

From a more technological point of view, we deliver TV to you using P2P and the client software itself is based on XULRunner. We use tons of open source software, and a lot of W3C technologies. We’ll target the same main platforms as XULRunner: Windows, Mac and Linux. It is pretty cool to see the Mozilla platform used in this new way, and it is quite an adventure being part of it.

I’ll try to blog a bit more about this as we progress.

Want more? :-) Watch our blog and sign up as a beta tester.

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