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last.fm and Growl

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I frequently find myself in a situation where I’m either a) using a different computer for playing my music than the one I’m using for working/browsing/whatever or b) using some software that although it might scrobble to last.fm it does not Growl the song.

So what I really want is a little piece of software that polls my last.fm RSS feed and Growl notifies me on song changes. I failed to find it, so I made it myself :)

It needs Python and the GrowlNotifier module. Should be packaged into a nice little dmg, run in the menu bar (possibly with a “love this track” button), etc…. yeah yeah, ‘some day’ :) You need your own last.fm API key though, as I doubt I should be redistributing mine… dunno if there’s a way around that?

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