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Mozilly turns 10

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Congratulations to Mozilla: Mozilla turns 10 today. Wow, time flies.

PicLens Firefox Extension

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Ok, PicLens must be the most “funky” extension I’ve ever tried for Firefox. It “enhances” web 2.0 picture sites like Google Image Search and Flickr with “Immersive Slideshows” as they call it.


It has to be tried, really.

Finally category RSS feeds

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Finally, three months after my upgrade to Movable Type 4, I now have category RSS feeds. I find it really odd that it is not a default option in the Movable Type installation… but there you go. I used these instructions.

The feed links are in the right hand side of the main page of my blog, so the Mozilla category feed can be found here.

This also means that I’ll request a change Planet Mozilla to only subscribe to the mozilla category, so I’ll spam the Planet less if I ever get around to some more regular blogging again. So subscribe to the main link if you want “all” my blog entries.

I also upgraded to Movable Type 4.1 while I was at it :)

Joost Developer Days

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Joost has grown up, and we are thus opening up to the world :) So the first “Joost Developer Days” are coming up:

  • London (Covent Garden) – 1pm – 6pm – Friday 16th November
  • Amsterdam (Central location) – 1pm - 6pm - Saturday 1st December
  • New York (Broad Street) - 12pm – 5pm - Friday 7th December

It’s a chance to learn how we do widgets in Joost, and how you can do them yourself. More information on our Joost Development Group.

I’ll be in Paris next Saturday (June 23rd), for the Mozilla Developer Day, Paris. CU there :)


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Back to the office today, after FOSDEM. I was only there Saturday, but it was really nice to see the “Mozilla crowd” again! And thanks for for paying dinner again.

(I also survived the race Sunday btw, 15k in 1h23, not too bad considering how little practice I had managed to do)

Fosdem 2007

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Together with some other “Joosters”, I’ll be at Fosdem 2007. We’ll be there from Friday evening. I’ll leave again Sunday early morning, since I have the silly idea of running 15km in Rotterdam at 11am. The rest will be there all weekend afaik.

CU there!

The Venice Project teasers

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Mozilla, SVG, etc. in action :)

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