Spain, here I come :)

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As previously written I found a sponsor for further XForms development. It’s Fundación CTIC, which is tied to the regional government and also hosts the Spanish W3C office. My main job will be XForms development in Firefox, but I’ll also help them with various XForms issues. I think it is great that they have interest in XForms and found money for this! It’s good news for XForms.

To help them, I will move down there for four months. Fundación CTIC is located in Gijón, which is located on the north coast of Spain, in an area called Principality of Asturias. Looks like a very nice area, and I’m looking forward to the Spanish food, nature, language, etc. My Spanish is very limited though, but with the help from BBC and my other language skill I guess I’ll manage :)

As it looks now, my Mozilla future is not looking that bright after that though. There are opportunities out there, but they are located in the US or elsewhere, and I’m not interested in moving permanently from Denmark. So if nobody pulls a white rabbit out of a hat quickly, I’ll hide in “non-Mozilla-related corporate Denmark” when I move back.

But for now, I’ll have four months to try to tie the XForms extension together. We’ll have a new release shortly and I’ve been looking at automated testing of the extension, which I’ll also reveal more about soon.


Henrik Gemal Author Profile Page said:

Congrats with the job! This is great news both for you, XForms and Firefox.

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