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So now that Joost is embedded it’s time to exercise the API a bit more :)

So using the favorites call, it’s easy to get my favorites list and embed a random one of them in a page: See the result here.

You can directly copy’n’paste the code directly and change the user quite easily if you do not like my favorites :)

Updated 19/11: I added some comments and made the source a bit more readable.

Joost running on Playstation 3

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With the Flash 9 update to the PlayStation 3 and Joost Embed, it’s perfectly possible to view Joost on the PlayStation 3:


Lots of kinks to to iron out before it’s a totally smooth experience, but we’ll get there I’m sure :)

Joost Embedded

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Yay! A feature I’ve been waiting for, for a long time, is now live: Joost embedded!

Here’s my normal test video:

(video expired)

You can find the embed code by clicking the embed button on any joost link page, i.e. like for the above. (or look at the source here :)

It’s version 1, so there are still some rough edges. Like that we really insist on having the above size. Bear with us. Expect things to improve shortly, and constantly :)

(do note that this is my personal blog … this is not “official Joost speak”)

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